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Det där klarar jag av med en flugsmälla (I can handle that with a fly swatter) is an installation that was shown at Ystad Art Museum in 2008. This presentation includes parts of the video installation. All of the videos have a background sound that together creates a soft collective sound.

Den enda platsen (One Spot) depicts the only known specimen of Mansanida in the wild. The plant grows in a secret location in San Francisco. A biologist instructs two people on how to step carefully around the plant and the importance of walking in each other’s footsteps. The Mansanida is called “the living dead” because it lacks the ability of self-fertilisation.

Ice Alley is a shipping lane in Antarctica where icebergs float around, posing a danger to both ships and anchored oil platforms.

Elektricitet (Electricity) – everything is connected through energies.

Här Kalle (Here Kalle) is a seemingly insignificant game where two three-year-olds play with a sand pile, water, a car, a dish brush, shovels and a bowl. The game takes place in real-time without cuts until the game is completed or perhaps interrupted. A child has its own language that only their playmate, Kalle, understands.

Ray, a depiction of seeing the world from a completely new perspective and acting on that insight.

Rat is about something being in the wrong place. A man describes his crusade against rats where, as the head of the family, he defends his home and property against “intruders.” The rat is seen as an aggressive and calculating creature, someone who wants to conquer property.

One Spot, 2.30 minuter

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Ice Alley, 2 minuter

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Elektricitet, 3 minuter

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Här Kalle, 12 minuter

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Ray, 3 minuter

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Rat, 5 minuter

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