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In my artistic production, I am interested in environmental issues and human impact in relation to nature and the exercise of power. I work with installations, sculptures and objects in various materials and techniques, poetry and previously also wall collages and video.

My first environmental work was exhibited at the Swedish Book & Library Fair in 1997, where I showed a multimedia work about climate change. Since then, I have worked with themes such as monocultures in agricultural landscapes, the sterilisation of seeds, breathing-purification-protection and seed germination properties.

A theme that has been further developed in a series of exhibitions is the red-listing of species by the Swedish Species Information Centre, the risk of extinction and its effect on biodiversity. What informed the work was the focal return to nuclear weapons and their inherent threatening “life force”.

Nowadays, I am exploring the roots of trees using materials such as vinyl, wool and linen, depicted in large hand embroideries and objects. In the exhibition Slå rot fästa tråd (Take root fastening stitches), the path of the thread and the movement of the root tip are metaphors that I carry with me as the stitches systematically search their way over the fabric. Each stitch is a conscious action, like the root’s ability to find its way around rocks. The stitches visualise time and space and become carriers of collective events and memories, such as the destruction of land and culture, forcing rootlessness.

I run ID:I Gallery on Tjärhovsgatan in Stockholm with 25 other artists. The photos of my works and exhibitions are taken by me

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